Johnie Gall is an award-winning journalist, photographer, filmmaker and model based in Ojai, California. She is interested in science communication, groundswell movements and stories that get her out there.

The next frontiers.

Johnie believes that the most exciting frontiers in science and exploration will be cultural. Her work has shone a spotlight on unexpected stories and individuals at the intersection of science and humanity, making daunting subjects both accessible and entertaining. Selections of her work have been featured by numerous print and digital publications, while her commercial projects are sought after by prestige brands in the outdoor industry. She has also appeared in front of the camera in campaigns for Backcountry, Alaska Airlines and more. In her free time she enjoys surfing, metalsmithing, birding and gravel cycling.

Awards & Appearances

• Outdoor Industry's Most Influential 30 Under 30

• Outdoor Media Award's Best Outdoor Photo Essay

• Selected as Inaugural Lightroom Ambassador

• Panelist for Outdoor Retailer's "How Nonprofits + Creatives Can Elevate Messages That Matter"

• Panelist for Backcountry Stoke Series Live Storytellers Event

Creating stories with soul for brands.

My work includes writing, photography, motion media production, modeling, and brand partnerships — a one-stop shop.

With more than a decade working with some of the biggest brands and media outlets in the industry, I offer an array of services with the experience and know-how to back it up. I've done everything from direct a short film for Hoka and produce and write a limited-edition zine for Billabong, to document stories on agriculture and athletes for Patagonia and create the ambassador program for Teva, to create all copy for the launch of Stance Socks and serve as the digital editor Range Magazine. If you need work done quickly, professionally and with someone you can have fun working with, please reach out (or read what some of my clients have to say).

I donate at least one percent of all earnings to 1% for the Planet.


The words on your packaging, website, catalog and social media are your brand's voice — and crafting them seems easy until you go to actually do it. I've been a copywriter for Billabong, Seea, Stance Socks, Teva and more, so I can help with that.

Share your story

Images and Film

Let's go beyond highly produced shoots and make something real instead. By working with friends (and a lot of flexibility), we'll create assets on shorter timelines and with an authenticity that will lend your brand soul — not just a sales pitch.

Develop Your Style

Good Influence

If you need a easy-to-work-with talent for a photoshoot or want to expand your reach through a trusted ambassador who cares about both sport and sustainability....


Ideas + Editorials

Whether it's producing a limited-edition zine for your brand's event, writing an editorial for your website, or brainstorming for a short film about an unexpected character, I have no shortage of ideas to share with you. Tap into my network and notebook.

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